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off-broadway aradia (feat. guysshirtless as feferi) - s0meb0dy t)(at )(e used t0 kn0w
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s0meb0dy t)(at he used t0 kn0w (originally by goyte) - off-broadway aradia feat. guysshirtless as feferi

well here you have it, folks, the big aradia/feferi smackdown! this one was so fun to sing hehe, my first collab!

so much assistance on lyrics from maplewrenhurrrgfaeriearmyberryciesta, and many more! <3

cover art by calybell!

download on tindeck!



n0w and then i think 0f when we were t0gether

wh0 w0uld have kn0wn that i w0uld be the first t0 die

t0ld myself that he w0uld stay with me

he said im n0t the girl i used t0 be

but that was l0ve and its an ache i still remember


ive bec0me addicted t0 a certain kind 0f sadness

my resignati0n t0 the end always the end

when he f0und that we c0uld n0t make sense

he f0und s0lace in an0ther friend

n0w im al0ne and i cann0t believe its 0ver


But you didn’t )(ave to cut us off!

We’ll make out like it never )(appened and t)(at you were not)(ing

And )(e doesn’t even need your love,

You mig)(t wis)( we were strangers but I say toug)( luck!

No you didn’t )(ave to stoop so low!

)(ave your friends collect your medals and t)(en quit your flarping

I guess t)(at you don’t need t)(em t)(oug)(,

Now you’re just somebody t)(at )(e used to know!

Now you’re just somebody t)(at )(e used to know!

Now and t)(en i t)(ink of )(ow we s)(ared a lover

Part of me believing t)(at you were already gone.

But Sollux was t)(e perfect fit,

EXCIT—-ED to be my matesprit!!

I t)(oug)(t t)(at )(e would let you go

Didn’t realize you were more t)(an just  somebody t)(at )(e US—ED TO KNOW!!


but y0u didnt have t0 cut me 0ff

make 0ut like it never happened treat me like im n0thing

and i d0nt even need his l0ve

but he treats me like a stranger and i feel s0 r0ugh

n0 y0u didnt have t0 st00p s0 l0w

what makes y0u think that y0u can act like y0u are s0 much better

i guess he d0esnt need me th0ugh

n0w im just s0meb0dy that he used t0 kn0w

im s0meb0dy

()(e used to know!)


(Now you’re just somebody that )(e used to know!)

()(e used to know!)

(That )(e used to know!)

()(e used to know!)

im s0meb0dy         

did i ever mention that this chick’s stuff is quality

well it is

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